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Matt Day, Director of The Mother Situation, winner of the Jury Prize at Tropfest 2017 and winner of the 2017 Audience Award at Australian Short Film Today in Paris

The high prices of houses are a constant topic of conversation in Sydney. I was at a dinner party and heard someone talking about this one night saying, 'Well he's going to be fine when his parents die because he'll get the house at Darlinghurst and the place at Palm Beach.'

I thought that was so funny in a dark way. And if I thought it was funny, maybe others would too. I thought, wouldn't it be good to make a film where some adult children come to their mother's bedside to help her commit suicide and she decides not to do it. What would they do? Would they respect her wishes or be overcome by the prospect of selling her house and getting the money? I like the idea of these desperate characters circling their mother like vultures.

I have a successful career as an actor, but I'm also drawn to directing. The Mother Situation is the sixth short film I've directed and I'm now developing it into a feature film.

I'm thrilled that the film appealed to the jury at Tropfest and to a French audience in Paris. Didn't see that coming, but it shows the power of film.

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