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A still from The Dam, directed by Brendon McDonall

AUSTRALIAN SHORT FILM TODAY screened its short film program in in London at the Regent Street Cinema on 27 January 2018 in association with London Australian Film Society.
The Regent Street Cinema bills itself as "the birthplace of British cinema". The theatre opened in 1848 and exhibited the first motion picture in the United Kingdom in 1896. 
London Australian Film Society presented a double bill for the evening, showing a new Australian feature film, Sweet Country, followed by our short program.
After premiering at the 2017 Venice Film Festival where it won a Special Jury Prize and winning the Platform Prize at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, Sweet Country opened in Australia over the 2018 Australia Day weekend, and over the same weekend was screened at Sundance Film Festival in the US and by London Australian Film Society in London. Its release date in the US is 16 March 2018.
An interesting coincidence at the London screening was that Matt Day appeared in Sweet Country in the role of the judge, and later that night appeared in the short film he directed, The Mother Situation.
The 2018 Audience Award at Australian Short Film Today in London went to Brendon McDonall's The Dam, a drama about feelings between two lifelong friends that can no longer be contained.















See Filmmaker Stories for a description by Brendon on the making of the film..


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