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Ellen Richardson, Director of The Blue Ducks; winner of script production awards for the film at VCA; the film helped Ellen secure a place as a finalist for the Lexus Short Film Fellowship

I wanted to make The Blue Ducks because we all have stories about what we did to fit in or stand out while growing up. I’m interested in these defining moments as we’re propelled into adulthood. There’s also a powerful bond between siblings but it can sometimes be stretched to breaking point and I’m interested in the dynamics of those relationships.

I crowdfunded the film so it needed to be written as cost effectively as possible. I decided to throw a bunch a teenagers in some secluded bushland and see what happened. We ended up filming in a park in Melbourne in the middle of winter so it made for some tough days. I was lucky to be surrounded by a talented, perceptive cast and crew, so making this film was an absolute joy.


One of the most important parts of making the film for me was helping the teenagers to interact naturally, as none of them had met before the shoot. We made time to rehearse on set so everyone was feeling comfortable with their performances and one of the hardest things was pushing the group to be more vulgar and obnoxious. They’re a bunch of very talented, very respectful group of actors so it was a pleasure working with all of them.


Right now I’m writing a short film about a girl gang and a web series about abused intimate objects.

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