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Richard Linklater and Chris Beale in Austin

Indie filmmaker and Austin Film Society Founder and Creative Director Richard Linklater hosted AUSTRALIAN SHORT FILM TODAY at Austin Film Society's AFS Cinema in Austin, Texas on November 28, 2018.

After the screening, Linklater discussed the films with the audience and with AUSTRALIAN SHORT FILM TODAY producer Chris Beale. 

Linklater commented on the creativity and quality of the films in the 2018 program and the wide range of topics covered.


He admired the clever screenplay in The Eleven O'clock, the production values of Library of Love and the highly unusual Welcome Home Allen, in which a group of Viking-era soldiers return home from war to a world that may no longer recognize them, which provoked much audience discussion, He also spoke about the strong links between Texans and Australians. 


Beale commented on the place of short films in the consciousness of the Australian film-going public, with short film festivals such as Tropfest, bringing 45,000 people to a park in Parrammatta (near Sydney) for its one-day annual screening of the finalists, with 150,000 people watching live nationwide, and Flickerfest, with its 10-day celebration of short films at Bondi Beach in Sydney followed by a selection of its short films traveling to over 50 Australian cities and towns.

Austin Film Society is one of the leading art houses in the United States, with screenings 365 days a year. It was founded in 1985 by Linklater to exhibit independent, experimental, foreign and other non-mainstream art films as well as retrospectives. He also founded the Austin Studios film production complex in the hangers and terminal of the old Austin airport.  

The AUSTRALIAN SHORT FILM TODAY Audience Award for Austin went to The Eleven O'clock by Derin Seale. Tied for Runners Up were Kill Off and Lost Property Office.

Linklater voted but it was a secret ballot, unfortunately.

A still from Kill Off, directed by Genevieve Clay-Smith

Kill Off.png
Lost Property Office short film

A still from KILL OFF by Genevieve Clay-Smith

A still from LOST PROPERTY OFFICE by Daniel Agdad



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