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17 minutes — Drama — Written and directed by Alies Sluiter

When a refugess encounters an indegenous man on a remote Australian  beach, she must decide whether to trust him, or journey on alone.

Best Student Director, Australia Directors Guild; Adrienne Shelly Director Award, Columbia University Film Festival; Best Short Film & Best Director, CinefestOz

The Egg

10 minutes — Comedy/Drama — Written and directed by Jane Cho

A young girl, bored in a muted world of foreign suburbia, becomes determined to claim an Easter egg as her own. No matter the cost.

Best Short Film, Melbourne International Film Festival; Best Short Film and Best Director, St Kilda International Film Festival


10 minutes — Drama — Directed by Tony Briggs, written by Tracey Rigney

Two Elders take their grandson out bush and put him to the test.

ImagiNATIVE; Berlinale; Melbourne International Film Festival


19 minutes — Drama — Written and directed by Alex Wu

A young celebrity is called into an emergency meeting with his manager after a fan commits suicide.

Dendy Award for Best Australian Live Action Short Film, Sydney Film Festival 

Groundhog Night

15 minutes — Comedy — Directed by Genevieve Clay-Smith & Rawley Reynolds, written by Emily Dash

Gary’s so used to caring for his disabled daughter Jess, he can do it in his sleep. But when the in-laws come to stay, everyone will get a wake-up call.

Sydney Film Festival; St Kilda Film Festival

Roborovski_Still_1 Small.jpg

15 minutes — Animated comedy — Directed by Tilda Cobham-Hervey & Dev Patel, written by Tilda Cobham-Hervey, John Collee & Dev Patel

A tiny hamster spends his days in Marvin’s Pet Shop, hoping to find a family to adopt him.

Adelaide Film Festival; Best Australian Animation, Flickerfest


11 minutes — Drama — Written and directed by Robin Summons

A man insists on fulfilling his elederly wife’s wish of taking their car through a drive-thru wash.

Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival; Indy Shorts Film Festival

The Event Producer for the 2021/2022 program is Annie Parnell of Sydney.
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