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A Writer and Three Script Editors Walk Into a Bar

3 minutes - Comedy - Directed  by Matthew Saville

The agony of being a screenwriter

Adelaide Film Festival: Official Selection


13 minutes - Drama - Directed by Darlene Johnson

An angry young woman, trapped in a life of violence, is saved by boxing

Australian Director’s Guild: Best Director of a Short Film

Sydney Film Festival: Best Short Screenplay

First Peoples Festival Montreal: Best Short Film


3 minutes - Animation - Directed by Katherine Sarpi

A woman in need of self-improvement

Victorian College of the Arts student film

Two Men

4 minutes - Drama - Directed by Dominic Allen

A philosophical observation on two men running, based on Kafka’s “Passers-by”

Dendy Australian Short Film of the Year finalist

Melbourne International Film Festival: Emerging Australian Filmmaker

Sydney Film Festival: Official Selection

My Best Friend is Stuck on the Ceiling

10 minutes - Comedy - Directed by Matthew Vesely

Connor, secretly in love with Rachel, plans to give her a birthday present that may knock her off her feet

Adelaide Film Festival: Official Selection

Flickerfest: Official Selection

The Blue Ducks

10 minutes - Drama - Directed by Ellen Richardson

teenager must challenge her younger sister so as not to lose face in front of her friends

Victorian College of the Arts student film

The Mother Situation

7 minutes - Dark Comedy - Directed by Matt Day

Three siblings agree to "assist" their terminally ill mother

Tropfest 2017: Best Film


1 minute - Animation - Directed by Anastasia Dyakova

A spider makes a comfy home inside a shoe

Victorian College of the Arts student film


3 minutes - Animation - Directed by Alex Louw

An unfathomably stupid Borzoi angers a German Shepherd

Victorian College of Arts student film


8 minutes - Documentary - Directed by Mason Fleming

An 86-year old widower ventures into the unfamiliar world of online dating

Short and Sweet Film Festival in Sydney: Audience Choice Award

WA Screen Academy student film

The Dam

15 minutes - Drama - Directed by Brendon McDonall

Feelings between friends that can no longer be contained

Melbourne International Film Festival: Official Selection

RiverRun International Film Festival: Best Short Film

AFTRS student film


7 minutes - Mockumentary - Directed by Mark and Brett Nichols

Sometimes it's better not to ask if identical twins are identical in every way

Tropfest 2016: Finalist

Meat and Potatoes

7 minutes - Dark Comedy - Directed by Ellenor Argyropoulous and Arielle Thomas

A vegan in the Outback during the Apocalypse

Tropfest 2017: 2nd Place Film, Best Production Design, Nicole Kidman Award for Best Actress to Arielle Thomas

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